When she’s Gaming: Short Romance

Copyright 2022 by Nia Venus

“Level 22, huh?” A husky voice says. I feel the vibrations of the manly voice tickle my neck. He’s close. 

Before I turn around, I grab my Blue moon and take a massive sip, letting the tangy orange flavor moisten my tongue. There’s no way a man who smells like that good is approaching me at a bar. To talk About my Sims. 

But I turn my head, and sure enough, it’s a dark-skinned man in a suit. Who smells expensive. 

“Why are you worried about what level I’m on?” I say. 

Mr. Suit pulls out a bar stool and to my surprise, throws his tie over his shoulder. 

“I’m not, really. Just messing with you.” 

What’s his deal? Suits don’t talk to me. I wash my hair once a month, make a teachers salary, and only wear toms. I’m no hot girl. 

I sip my beer again. 

He orders something dark and sips it. I drag my fingers across the screen, making my sims do their jobs on my iPad’s screen. I can feel heat trickle up my arm, like he’s staring at me. 

“You come here often?” he says. 

“Yeah. It’s how I relax. Especially during summers.” 

“Ah. Let me guess. You teach?” He says. 

“Guilty,” I chuckle. ”You know…you’re a regular Einstein. But what’s with the tone?” 

He chuckles, spraying me with that infectious woodsy scent. “Schoolteachers. Kind of archaic right? Don’t the kids drive you bonkers?” 

“Archaic? I’m eons ahead of you, suit.” I eye him up and down. 

“How so? Because you use projectors now instead of chalkboards?” 

“No, Actually. I work from home and robots grade my students work. I oversee the robots. I’m really like a classroom CEO.” 


“Yeah, really. So what do you do? Scam people with your suit getup while you sit behind a screen lying on YouTube—or something??” 

“Damn.” He narrows his eyes at me, whetting his lips. Those sexy lips are so luscious and thick, I have to focus back on my Sims game to prevent myself from naughty thoughts. 

“You are one sexy teacher.”

Damn right I am. Asshole.

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