A Lil’ Grace: A Short Forbidden Love Romance

She’s a Christian and he’s a Warlock….will love prevail when they decide to marry?

“What the hell are you wearing?” he chuckled, studying my outfit.

“Don’t make fun of me, you know I gotta wear this,” I said, buttoning the top button of my pink polo shirt.

“Do you though?” he asked, looking disgusted. He palmed one of my boobs. I slapped his hand down. 

“Stop it you’ll wrinkle it. You get on my last nerve.” 

I ran downstairs and placed our best silverware on the glass table. My gut felt weightless and my palms were soaked. I’d been preparing for this day all month now, and I was hella irritated that Todd was still being his usual ass-clown self. 

I scurried around our tiny apartment, using  a feather duster to remove the final dust mites from our bookshelves and countertops. When I got to the kitchen I saw one of Todd’s weird mystical statues sandwiched between a tub of almonds and a colonial loaf of bread. Why the fuck would it even be there? 

“Todd, really?” I yelled towards the stairs.

His baritone voice thundered back at me. 


I placed the statue under the sink and sighed. 

“What is it, babe?” he said in between brushing his teeth. He stood on the staircase with an orange towel wrapped around his waist.

“You left a freakin statue out here on the counter,” I said, pointing. “I don’t want her seeing that. She’ll call it devil worship or something.” 

He grunted. 

“My bad,” he said. He pulled the toothbrush out of his mouth. “I mean, Technically yall’s religion empowers Devil worship through—“

“Really?” I said. “We’re not going on this tangent right now. I believe in Jesus, my mom believes in Jesus, and that’s that. Your devil is under the sink.”

He ran back up the steps, laughing. I shook my head and took a few deep breaths. My heart was beating faster and I asked myself why I was in a relationship with someone with such differing beliefs.

Am I crazy? I knew what the Bible said about being equally yoked, but can you control who you love? It was a question I couldn’t make myself answer. Something about Todd just seemed worth it. Frustrations and all.

Carefully, I removed my hot pink apron and placed a plate of rolls and a bowl of kale salad in the middle of the dining room table.

I almost spilled my green tea once the loud ding of our doorbell hit my ears.

“Want me to get it?” Todd whispered as he trotted down the stairs. 

I sighed. 

“Just follow me.” I took a double take of his ensemble. He wore all black with a silver chain with a dragon on it. I rolled my eyes and exhaled deeply. 

“Why’d you have to wear the dragon…you know better. Tuck it in or something,” I forced through clenched teeth. I plastered a smile the size of Texas on my face before opening the door. 

“Pamela!” My mom yelled. She threw her chunky arms up at me and squeezed me tight. 

“Todd,” she said, scanning him with a straight face. “It’s nice to see you again.” 

I couldn’t read my moms temperament as I usually could, but already she seemed indifferent to Todd today. 

We sat down at the table and started passing around the salad. Once everyone’s plate was full, Todd was the first to pick up his fork.

Mom cleared her throat. 

“Ahem…excuse me…I know you guys say grace in this house.” 

She stared at Todd with beady eyes. Nervous, I interrupted. 

“Y-Yes, mama. Of course we do! I’ll-”

“No,” she snapped, “Todd, how about you say grace?” Her narrow eyes stayed focused on him. 

My heart swam down to my pinky toe. I held my jaw tightly closed and formed fists with my hands. The sweat on my forehead had me glistening like freshly iced cinnamon buns. I knew Todd wouldn’t make this simple and just say a damn prayer. I knew he could do it. Why couldn’t he just listen to me? 

“Respectfully,” he said, looking at her.

I kicked his foot under the table. He winced and continued looking at my mom.

“Respectfully, Ms. Gain,” he cleared his throat, “I don’t practice that ritual. But what I can do, is cast a spell to make sure we receive nothing but goodness from the food.” 

The house was so silent you could have heard an ant taking a dump.

I put my head down and massaged my temples. I was far too nervous to look at my mother right now. I thought she might spit in his face, or curse me out and leave. A loud cackle fell from her lips, forcing my eyes up. The hell is she laughing at? I thought. 

  “You know Pam,” mom said. “I guess it’s about time I tell you something. Well, the both of you.” Her eyes darted back and forth between us. 

“What mama?” I gasped. 

“Your father, you know, he wasn’t exactly a Christian.”

My bottom lip fell open and stayed there. 

“What?” I said, finally. 

Todd looked at me and raised his eyebrows. 

“Yeah,” my mom continued. “He never was truly in aggreeance with the faith. I tried to convert him for many years, but he considered himself a Wizard and I had to accept that because….well I loved him.”

I stood up. 

“Mom—why are you just now telling me this? All those Sunday morning Bible studies you forced us to go to…and Dad was practicing something else entirely?”

She let out a long sigh. 

“I just wanted to raise you with consistency, honey. There wasn’t a lot of information out back then like it is now and I just didn’t know how to deal with it. Please, do sit down. I don’t mean to anger you.”

There were so many emotions coursing through my veins. All this time i’d spent trying to be the perfect Christian daughter just to find out my father, who passed away just last year, had a whole other side to him I never got to meet. I fought back tears.

 So what’s the news you two wanted to share with me?” Mom’s lips spread out into a huge, watermelon smile. I was disgusted with how happy she was right now. 

“We’re engaged,” Todd said, grabbing my hand, which was still trembling from all of the revelation. 

“Hmm,” my mom said, smiling. “Well I support you guys one hundred percent. Let’s have a group hug.”

We got up and shared an embrace and finished dinner. Once my mother left, I let all of my emotions out. 

“Todd,” I looked at him with tears in my eyes. “I never got to truly know what my dad believed. I feel robbed.”

He wrapped his strong arms around me and I could feel nothing but love radiating from him. 

“Your mother did what she thought was right, Pam.” He kissed me on my forehead. “And I can promise you that as long as we’re together, I don’t care what religion you practice, as long as you love me.”

          We put on some R&B and swayed there in the living room, wrapped in each other’s arms.

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