Married to a Psychic Vampire: Psychological Romance

He’s intrigued. Royce can usually access human minds easily, but with Sadie it’s different. What does it mean?

Royce is next up to lead The Underworld, a secret society of psychic vampires. When he discovers a big secret about his lineage, he finally understands why he has faced such difficulty with the vampire lifestyle. Will he continue on the path anyway?

Sadie is a fledgling new business owner, still stuck under the thumb of her controlling Father. In efforts to raise awareness of her restaurant, Sadie throws a costume party where she meets a handsome man dressed like a vampire. Little does she know, his getup is more than just a costume. Sadie learns quickly that Royce is a psychic vampire, and for some reason, she isn’t frightened. At least initially.

What happens when a reluctant vampire meets a woman who loves him fully? Will Royce stay stuck in his past, or will he open up and finally create a future he actually wants?

What will happen when Sadie enters a vampire’s world? Will she stay immune to his powers? Or will something more transformational occur?

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After her husband cheated…

An optimistic wife forced herself to let it go. But now that they’re home together everyday, strange dreams are driving her insane and bringing all of her hidden anger to the surface. She knows she must tell him how she really feels, but she’s afraid to lose her marriage. What will happen once she shares her truth?

Mr. Magick: Fantasy Romance

Diane wants nothing more than to be pretty and popular. After acceptance into a well known sorority, she finally gets her chance.

When Ashton, a widely popular fraternity man, notices her on campus, the attraction bubbles underneath the surface, knocking Diane off balance.

Diane discovers Ashton is more than just a fraternity man; he’s a closet magician into some deep occult knowledge that intrigues her.

They spend time together, but Diane risks being kicked out of the sorority everytime she’s with him. Is love and knowledge worth risking the chance to be popular and beautiful?

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