Accepting that you may not be everyone’s cuppa tea 🫖

Good day, everyone. This post is about self acceptance.

One of my absolute favorite sitcoms of all time is The Game starring Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall, the story of a young couple being broken in to the wild world of pro football culture in San Diego.

At one point, the couple splits and Derwin, a church going good boy, tries to be a player and screw around with groupies. When he fails, a douche bag character says to Derwin:

“He’s got that nice boy syndrome; he wants everybody to LIKE him.”

This statement always hit home for me. Why? Because sometimes I’ve got nice girl syndrome.

Ironically I’m fresh off of a miscommunication with my husband this morning, so I’m thinking very clearly about what it means to not FEEL liked. I know my husband loves me, but I never feel liked during our arguments. Or arguments in general.


The truth is…there are a lot of us on this great planet. And by its very nature that means diversity.

I’m not talking racial diversity either, though that is something too.

I’m talking personality diversity.

We’re all so unique. We have our distinct backgrounds, understandings about life, communication styles and ways of thinking.

So naturally, we may bump up against folks who don’t “get us,” or “like us.”

This is a natural part of life.


Some people are totally comfortable with folks not liking them, but for the rest of us weirdos…It’s not always easy.

For me, I know why it’s been hard. I have a tendency to be an idealist. So naturally, I like to keep the peace and I like for things to be smooth.

But that ain’t life! Life is complex and rich, beautiful and hideous. It’s all that.

And the faster we accept that not everyone is going to like us, we can move on with our lives, being our authentic selves.


You have to make a choice. You must learn to ACCEPT that some folks will not like you or get you.

You do this by getting in arguments and holding your ground.

You do this by speaking your truth.

You do this by being yourself, regardless of what everyone else is doing.

You accept who you are no matter what.

You accept who you are no matter how uncomfortable it gets. Because it will.

You accept who you are because when you do, it’s harder for anyone to stop you from being you because they have no power!

It’s within you.

Nia Venus

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