Reasons I love the Wine Mom Trope (feat. Good Girls) 🍷

Not so ironically, I’m drinking wine right now. 🍷

I’m in our dining room which is inhabited by my husband’s bulky ass full-fledged drum set, taking up half the space.

In front of me is a rug I love, rolled up because my three year old peed on it.

So…anyway…now that you’re with me. In my humble opinion…I’d like to say…being a mom is worthy of wine.

I know that’s not a politically correct statement. But alas. It’s been said. By me.

One of my favorite shows on Netflix is Good Girls. I’ve watched the the show in its entirety at least 3x.

Sue me.

Here’s what I like about the wine-drinking-badass-mother trope.

The number of times Beth’s excuse for something is “I’m Just A Mom”…is laughable.

She says this like moms are completely innocent and unable to feel anything other than love, fluffy rainbows and shooting stars. It’s an idea that even some of us moms take on when we tell ourselves that we’re going to be perfect pattys now that we have kids. STOP THE MADNESS. We all know we had to do some ‘thangs,’ if you know what I mean, to bring these kids here.

There’s a helluva lot that goes into being…JUST A MOM.

We laugh, we cry, we need friends, we get depressed, we have fun, we have ambitions and desires outside of our families. We are PEOPLE TOO!

The trivialization of motherhoood on the show is funny and relatable. Because to many…the ’just a mom’ concept is totally a thing.

Everytime Beth grabs the liquor/wine I’m just like…I’m with you sister. Drink up and take care of you.

It shows the world that Hey! Kids can be ANNOYING AF! Put some respect on what I’m doing locked away with these little people.

That one time Beth had to tell the kids to turn the tv up just so she could have a conversation with her husband was hilarious. Turn it up higher kids, higher! You don’t need to hear about my shenanigans!

Kids are blank slates for the most part. But once they hit the age of exploration….those terrific twos and even three-nager land…boy do the tides turn. Kids don’t really need stillness and silence and all of that zen shit we love…unless they have fallen down due to using up their energy reserves. (AKA naptime)

In the mean time, mom’s job is to restrain herself from smacking this little being across the face everytime she wants to.

Her job is to NOT abuse the little critter’s self-esteem before he can even build it. Her job is to STAY POSITIVE…as best she can…NO MATTER WHAT. Her job is unconditional love…in a world where she pretty much NEVER gets that!!!

Talk about responsibility!

It’s simply relatable.

Life can be tough. Bringing life to earth and then caring for it can be tough. I’m aware that motherhood is not the hardest thing in the world. But boy does it feel good when someone can RELATE to what it takes to be…JUST A MOM. I just appreciate it!

One of my best friends told me that when it comes to motherhood, I’m the most honest person she’s ever spoken with on the subject.

I shrug.

It’s probably because I’m an Aries and I have no tact.

But beyond that, I think it’s simply because I tell it like I experience it. Most days, I love being a mother. And there are some days, that I want to run away from it all.

I think it’s healthy to admit that.

There, I said it.

I’m going to pour another glass.


Nia Venus 💋



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